The quality of being a medium is a natural gift that resides at birth and that our western culture does not look with good eyes, since the technology of science and medical research has not accepted or will not accept, an “INVISIBLE” environment. I am still an innovative and avant-garde person waiting for the scientific to reach the spiritual.

However, ask thousands of people who have seen spirits, those who have gone through Near Death Experiences (NDE), and even people who have witnessed movements of objects in their homes or workplaces, and you will understand that even the scientific and medical community, with their “logical” technology, can not provide all the answers.

Therefore, there are those without academic training, without experience in the spiritual sector and without having accurate information in this professional field, they dedicate themselves in their own homes in an unserious way (television on, telephone calls interrupting the consultation, bad odors). , …) to take advantage of this global ignorance to pass themselves off as what they are not really, they take your money, they waste your time and they do not solve anything since they are neither seers, nor clairvoyants, nor mediums or anything related to the profession. Making the population see this professional sector with little respect causing mental discomfort, anguish, worry, disbelief, insecurity, frustration, distrust, feel that they have taken their hair, uncertainty, receive false hopes, tell you what you want to hear, skepticism, …, in short, committing spiritual neglect, provoking negative experiences, deception and rejection to really be helped by experts. But sometimes the wrong way takes you to the right place.

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