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Daniel Usón - Engineer, Clairvoyance y Medium-


When a person has constant problems, conflicts, and failures, a moment comes and he/she says “I do not want to suffer anymore!” Then, the person will start looking for INFORMATION, which will lead him/her to search for the true origin of his/her problems. The problem can only be solved by a single person: oneself. No one can study for another person, do exercise for another or eat for another; but one can request information on how to study more efficiently, how to feed oneself in a better or how to do exercise more properly. My mission as a clairvoyance and medium is just that, offer guidance to those who ask for help about, how to DO, how to FEEL and how to THINK; since, the key is to understand WHY things happen. I do not look for culprits, I look for solutions; and for this, the first we must determine with CLARITY what the real cause of the problem is, start working on the SOLUTIONS, understand the importance of taking advantage of your destiny and offer them the different POSSIBILITIES or OPTIONS that they have on the way. My function as a clairvoyance and medium is to show you the CORRECT path within the different scenarios you have, but the final decision is yours and no one else’s.

Therefore, the sooner you have that INFORMATION in your hand, it will be better. Act now while you have time and make sure you have the personal, professional or business advice in a single session, fast and affordable, against a very high cost potential problem. You will be surprised, how easy it really is.

Scientific studies demostrated that...

In the 80s there were scientific studies with the aim of revealing how clairvoyances and médiums functioned.

Their findings agree with what happens to me during the sessions, that is to say that the vibrations of the heart of the client are the intermediaries between his deceased loved one and I. I access the THETA brain waves, which are low frequency vibrations that are between 3 and 7 Hz. I get them quickly, I decode them by lowering my vibrational level to obtain information and I do it consciously. That is to say, when the client is speaking, through his/her voice, he/she transmitts to me the vibrations of his heart and, consequently, I obtain information about his future, his spiritual guides and his deceased beings.

This is how I work. I receive valuable, useful and truthful information such as, dates, names, places, etc … Then I decode all that data in order to help the client.




I give solutions, tools, techniques, steps to follow, tailored advice and I help you find your best options so that you take advantage of the best opportunity.


With the information that is offered in private consultations you will improve your personal, family and professional life and with it you will have much more peace in your life.


There are both private face-to-face and confidential telephone consultations during which we resolve any type of uncertainty; as well as you will discover who you are and what your mission or purpose is in life.


More than 15 years of experience, serving thousands of people, making face-to-face or telephone consultations in our office located in the financial district of Madrid, in Plaza de Castilla, and offering multiple national and international conferences demonstrating the existence of the life Beyond.



  • Sentimental conflicts
  • Work problems
  • Diseases
  • Toxic relationships
  • Infidelities
  • Constant worries
  • Physical pain
  • Internal conflicts
  • Personal failures
  • Identity crisis
  • Know your life mission
  • Contact with your deceased beings
  • Search for lost and missing people and animals


  • Academic, personal and professional future of your children or family members    
  • Diseases
  • Consumption of stimulants
  • Toxis or Bad friendships
  • Discover who you are
  • Discover who the others are
  • Know your life mission
  • Know the life missions of others
  • Sentimental conflicts


  • Diagnosis of paranormal phenomena (if necessary, we move to the place)
  • Treatment of paranormal phenomena
  • Cleaning the house or word place


  • Staff pick
  • Theft or internal theft and appropriation of material
  • Locating economic leaks in your company
  • Unfair competition or work disloyalty
  • Industrial espionage or information traffic
  • Labor fraud
  • Investments
  • Fake sick leaves
  • Trust in present or future partners
  • We come to your company (if necessary)



In this sesion you can ask questions in relation to the part of life that is most worrying or distressing you at the moment, that is, you can ask personal questions: love, money and health; and business. If someone is being dishonest at work, if they are stealing money or material, if someone is doing unfair competition, if it is interesting or advisable to join as a partner with a person or a group of people, etc. All the information that is given will always be treated with extream confidentiality.

The mode of payment for those people who make face-to-face consultation in our offices in Madrid, has two payment options:

Cash: In office in Madrid.

PayPal: You can use this platform to make a payment.

All inquiries by an appointment.


If for some reason you can not come to our office because you live far away (Madrid or Alicante), you are in another province or another country and you need to consult with us to solve your problems ... DO NOT WORRY !! I offer consultation by phone without having to worry about travelling, and you will be treated with the same care and attention as if you were doing it in person and always being 100% confidential.

Payment method for those people who are outside of Madrid or Spain, is:

Credit Card: This optionis only for those who have spanish bank accounts.

PayPal: This is for international clients and also spanish clients.

All inquiries by an appointment.


Daniel Usón

For 15 years I have been publicly demostrating the existence of life Beyond. I have held more than 73 conferences and workshops nationally and internationally. Also I have several radio and TV apperiances. President and educator of the Usón Centre located in the financial district of Madrid, in Plaza de Castilla and the winner of the contest for the best international medium in Montreal (Canada), obtained the title of “Licensed Minister” in 2016.

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Médium Usón. Calle de Bravo Murillo, 362, 28020 – Madrid


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